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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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Just riding along happy as Larry when BOOM! I think i was runnign my tyres a bit too hard (resisting pinches on snowdon, so around 60psi :$) and the turb just couldnt hack it, so catastrophic tube faliure, as with all tube faliures (rather than Punctures) they dont wheeze or Hiss down, one moment they are up at 60psi, the next they are flat sa a pancake. nehoo, the italian-job slate at Nant didnt really agree with my rim and decided to have a little squabble and the slate won, bummer. opn my nice new wheel too! Though quite a triumph of martins wheel building, its still as straight as an arrow, pretty good work when a rim bends before it goes out of true i think. A bit of careful leverage with a good quality shifty spanner, and will be as good as new. (i hope)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Urban Riding

Urban Riding
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Life on a bike? I quite fancy being a courior, that would be awesome... until it rained at least. much call for couriors in Hawaii? or New Zealand? Anyhoo, Its not my picture, its, Simonankor's picture, but check the cool slipping dropouts on the beasty steel urban frame.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Snowdon 2 - Snowdons Revenge

Scout returns with Bad News
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XC this time, and it was much more fun being able to ride up sections which were depressing to walk and it was much appreciated being clipped in too, however, its no fun on those rocks and slates in the wet and with winds which could (and did repeatedly) try and blow the bikes out of our hands of from underneath us (,which could have resulted in them crashing down the faces to thier dooms on the rocks). Nehoo, after the second bridge, we met a rather miffed looking simon with a feather weight bike buffeting in the wind. General conclusion, it wouldn't be rideable up OR down and would be plain dangerous to even walk it. so the scores so far, Bike 1: Snowdonw 1. However the XC whip will be out on the next ride, hopefully in drier, more temperate climes and snowdon will be pillaged and dominated

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Night ride Olly? No? Shame"

Joe has just been round, with his new lights, its getting to that stage where im going to have to get some lights. I dont fancy the 30 quid for 10watt and 5watt combo, im more drawn to the 50 quid single 10 watt, simpler and sooo much tidier (they are both on CRC i'll leave you to explore).
Nehoo, the picture, for those not in the know, is probably the neatest and most secure (though not the best i would imagine) light on the market.
what i/you really could do with a barrage of all over light on the bars, from a pair of light weight, long burntime LEDs (good for climbs and a general melle of light) , and a 10watt spot on "le helmet" for directional awesomeness( which would also facilitate off the bike problems, like repairs, stuff droppped out bags (its bound to happen in the dark)). Also better for hefty batteries to be body mounted to prevent bike handling getting cocked up
anyhoo, another of my masterplans which will probably stay in its metaphorical box for quite a while.
Back to the remote sensing report.... ghey

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ultimate Freeride

Ultimate Freeride Hardtail anyone?
One of these

Teamed up with a matching pair of these

All set off by stealth DH Hayes Nines, Hone hollowtechII crankset with sram shifters, rear mech and drive chain connected to (blue) Hope Pro2s on some suitable mavics And for comforts sake, keep it WTB in the seat department. the only issue i have with this plan is whether to choose flats or SPDS, swapping beween the two would be ghey, and you cant get both without sacrificing qualities of each. which is a shame. So until then, i will have to stick with my Giant and Street bike. while im on the subject of talking myself out of wanting one, its a little short i think to be comfortable for some one of my 'stature' to ride any distance.

Its the Harrier Jump Jet of bikes, go anywhere, do anything. If you only ever buy one bike, THIS would be it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Chasing the sun home

Chasing the sun home
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Ride out, Joes back garden at Nant Y Moch, and chasing the sun home due to lack of lights at 16:15
(dusk at 16:30, 10ish miles of flat chain-ganging road to be eaten up)
ended up being perfectly timed as lighting up time arrived as we got home

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spike & Clarach DHJ

Behaved (all in all)
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Spikely has new Forks, (DJ Pros) which seem tough as hell, and apart form being obvoiously heavier than my BAMS are ace, if i ahve the money, one day i will get the Bams repaired and serviced as they are awesome, but a pair of these off fleabay is cheaper so at the moment im on DJPs (which arnt going to break too soon i feel, touch wood) Picture from the Clarach DHJam last sunday, pictures all over the forum, flcikr and AberMTB Flickr site (there is also a film on Putfile)



1. ROB SCULLION(2) 1.22.83
2. JOE TAYLOR(13) 1.29.61
3. MIKE INMAN(1) 1.30.45
4. DUNCAN BURTON(22) 1.33.27
5. MARTIN WALKER(12) 1.36.61
6. MALCOM(20) 1.41.69
7. ADAM LISTER(11) 1.43.62
9. DAVE BLACKBURN(9) 1.48.93
10. NICK(16) 1.50.20
11. NICK BURTON(21) 1.52.34
12. IESTYN(5) 1.56.57
13. CHRIS LOWE(3) 1.57.21
14. JAMIE(24) 1.57.96
15. JOE HOWARD(26) 2.03.70
16. TOM WARD(14) 2.04.92
17. OLLY ROBERTS(17) 2.05.12
18. MIKE LELLIOT(29) 2.07.95
19. RICHARD EAKINS(4) 2.09.38
20. MIKE EXLEY(10) 2.13.67
21. RHODRI MORRIS(7) 2.13.98
22. HARRY RAZZLE .D(15) 2.19.07
23. TOM EVANS(27) 2.23.65
24. JAMES(6) 2.39.95
25. MARK(25) 2.39.97
26. PETE(18) 2.52.09
27. TOM(?) 3.03.60
28. MATT INGHAM(19) 4.38.51

Tall Zer0stack

Tall Zer0stack
Originally uploaded by olly rob.

New Headset.
Cartridge zero stack wonderness, and i already have spare carts for it, so it shouldnt need money spending on it for years/