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Thursday, October 18, 2007

More shonkey boll

Due to 7speed setup being stolen to go on commuter bike. spike got left in the garage on its ownsome. (with rigid forks on cause i thought i mite enjoy a bit of that trials malarky, i didnt, its rubbish)
Nehoo, DJs are back on, an its 32:16 SS now thanks to that fetching Bachelor. there was never any point in shifting on that thing anyways as it was so small.
now all i have to do is take advantage of autumn to beat some animal trails into bike sized trails while there is no salad on the ground, and work out some loops avoiding fences. (though we all know theres a difference between saying and doing sadly)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fresh, Ahhaaaaa

Core division
Originally uploaded by olly rob.

25, count em, 25 people on the freshers ride this year. Its a record (possibly, possibly not) featured here, the core division who didnt woose out of the leg burnner (more fool them).
It was fresh, to say the least

Monday, October 01, 2007


The ongoing SS plans are getting more and more specific of course
wanted to be 130-150mm, but cant have ugly cable stops all over it, must have bolt through fork, but that raises the fork limit to 140mm, ruling out the simple

all in all it turned a bit ugly. but then I noticed the new Orange (eugh dirty word) P7
steel, 140mm forks, with crafty interchangeable dropouts, all vertical, but sliding. with or without hanger capability. and if you DID want gears perhaps one day, you could always ziptie on a full-length-outered cable.
long-ish-fork single speed trail basher most of the time, and on the off chance you fancy gears, zip on a ready set up mech, cable and shifter combo with the interchangeable drop out setup.
and stick in the Bulb wheel from the garage.

What i would class as an fairly burly ride for some one like me who doesn't hammer the crap out of things, with plenty of travel for my needs.
Optimum Build (in my eyes) looks like this:

Orange P71 frame - 379.95

Marzocchi 55 TST2 2008 - 339.99

Red Pro2s, Trials rear, 20mmBT front on Black Mavic EN321s, Black Spokes - 214.99

Hone crankset bash - 74.99

Hope headset - 59.99

Hope Seatclamp - 9.99

Hope Skewer - 14.99

Hayes Stroker Ryde 6" rear - 99.99

Hayes Stroker Ryde 7" front - 104.99

Raceface Atlas Bars,Stem & SeatPost - 39.99, 62.99 & 29.99

Speccy BGII grips - 7.99

Speccy BG Avatar Saddle - 19.99

SRAM nickel plated singlespeed SP1 chain - 9.99

Middleburn Hardcoat Middle Chainring - 19.99

Gusset single speed sprocket - 3.99

Tyres - Conti Diesel ~ 30.00

Xpedo spd knockoff Pedals - 29.99

Totaling a not too uncomfortable £1554.82

only thing is lacking as the custard paint job, but i'll live i think.