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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pusing the envelope

Damn it, ive bent it again.
We went to the redbull trail in Coed Y brenin, and then the Marin in Betsy Coed.
The redbull was good fun, if a little cobbley for my liking on the climbs. Then we stopped for a steak sandwich in the visitor center, mmm cracking. Then on to Betsy, where we rode out a good 10 k, before i broke my bike by mangling the dropout, so my hanger was well and tuly wedged in my spokes, got it out, and with a flat tyre which i couldent reapaair, began the 10km walk home, was quite irritating, and i didnt have a clue where i wass going, so had to guess a lot of it. Probably walked much further than nessacary damn it.
Why do i break it soooooo easily!? Argh, off to summit soon, see if i can get a new dropout (I think thats the bit im on about) and a new tube

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mavic 317

Got my Mavic 317 uber uber light rim yesterday got Summit to build it up for me, one silver wheel and one black now.... Pimp.
Also re-aligned brake calipers, and purged them again, getting quite a bit of air out again. So now they are running sweet as.
Mmmmmm fiddling

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bosh, Body slam

Happily trundling along, gears fail to change and crunch a little, so look down to check whats goin on, sort it, look up, and a dirty great tree is running towards me at 30, the bugger
new wheel or rim me thinks


Brakes were getting a tad spongey, so purged them today, not a complete rebled, good old Giant MPH3/Hope C2s are an open (or is it closed) system (never can rememeber which way round that is). Meant i could stick a a length of tubing filled with fluid on the top of the resevoir instead of a whole syringe set, pump the system a few times, pushing all the air bubbles up the system as the Dot4 is forced down, No need for me to fiddle with the caliper end of the brake, so no risk of spilling fluid and permanantly writing off pads, rotors and pretty paint jobs, mmm toxic/irritant/acid badass brake fluid. i think ill take it for a hack this afternoon, and then redo the back brake, its still a little spongey and being horizontal it is tricky to get he bubble to rise up, i got a ot out, but i think a hack will disturb all the others, putting them nearer the top of the system. Its only a hypothisis, but im pretty confident.
Joy to the procrastinating world, my brakes have been done, back to revision.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


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999.9km since ive had it.
Add few for things like broken computer, wrong wheel sizes and rubbish like that.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The new 2006 Giant range is out
New XTC is gurgle worthy, Is carbon composite frame, overall blacker than a blackhole
And will be light as a feather. New forks too, and lightweight XC rims, all in all, with the probs ironed out, but ill be changing my rims and forks over summer nehoo so :p
Looking at it
the £500 model, the ony difference is the tyres and the forks, and the tyres are worse, and the colours crap
The carbon frame will set u back 1250 squid so tis not a great loss
will be workgn on my weight over summer as part of the acid project, get me some lightweight rims n forks.
Is all ok
Ill leave you to oogle at the 2006 range