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Thursday, April 28, 2005

NyM with South wales riders

I'm Slacking!!!!, i really cant be bothered to post at the moment, so its gonna have to be another few posts rolled into one

1) Ride with Riders from south wales last weekend, was pretty good, would have been ace if it wasnt for stuff breaking, first i got a puncture, while mending i lost a vital pump bit, set us back a good 15 mins, arse. Then, on the moorland section of the conti, my peddal sheared off, which was gay. So a nice 10km walk back to teh car park for me, then a 3 hour sit in the car park. I got a few shots on the way back though, and paused to write some anti 4wheel slogan onthe side of a Quad bike van, who came steaming past us when i was with the group, can put up with Motocrossers, but if u cant balance a bike then get off the trail :@


2) Took drive arm down to summit, and asked them to helicoil it, but it was too badly damaged so wasnt possibel, so instead of sellign me awhole new drive chain, they gave me just the bits i needed, and took the cogs off to sell 'em seperatly
What useful chaps!!!!
£25 quid i think it was, ho hum, beats buying a whole new chain-set

Keep in touch

Friday, April 22, 2005

Uber Plan

It has come about, that i want another bike. Being a bit of a saga this story is; [Forum].
anyhoo, the plan is this, as it stands.

1) In august, after my results come out buy this most beautiful Giant Acid 1

Its an ace setup in my opinon for the price, as Giants always are as they make clones of deore hubs, Hope C2 brakes, etc and can produce and fit 'em cheaper.
however the forks are a bit on the XC side for entry downhilling, so hopefully i can get me some second hand vanillas or bombers off Tim or Andy and then the complex bit begins,

2) move the zocchis MZ comps onto my XTC, and the XCP75s off the XTC onto the old bouldershock (so old it hasnt got a website but its much like this) Genius.

3) Not only that but the wheels on my XTC are excessivly heavy, rims alone 470g, cause they are downhilling rims (for disks only) according to the Alex website. anyhoo, as giant parts will be on both, they shoudl be compatible, so i will se eif i can swwap the wheels on the Acid for some liht weight ones, and then put eh new ones on the XTC and the old Alex DP17s on the new Acid. Are you still with me boys n girls? if so, congratulations

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Road Race

Roadie race tommorow,
slicks are on, slip pedals are going on, bottle cage for some serious lucozade abuse. some MTBers are racing agains Ystwyth CC roadies, just for fun, we are gonna get eaten alive, but its all good, will let you know how it goes 2moz
(p.s, just posted to test m crafty new 'msn, my space' tactic, is all explained on main blog)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sick Slicks

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sick Slicks, damn fast though

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Multiple posts, all rolled into one mess

what can i say, Sunday was a mess. The Clarach trails have been redone, now knobbly horrid downhill rather than just big singletrack, am much distressed. Drew wasnt feelign to great so i robbed t' Patriot and had a go myself, was muchos fun with all them soggy springs, but then i thought ide give thee drop a go, which worked perfectly i mite add, but the compression got the better of me on the following up ramp, catpulting me miles into the air (around 5' according to spectators, which is far too high for my liking) upon crashing to ground, realised i was being chased by a runaway, riderless Patriot with monster Ts looming down. well i didnt die, so i got up and tried it again, and proceeded to exactly the same thing again. All in all, it could have gone better. then again it could have gone worse too.
Bit of street riding with drewfish today. great fun, only Scully turned up and prceeded to show us up with his hardcore trial skills. grr. getting a job over the summer i think, for a plush street bike.
Oh yeah, got a puncture on sunday too, to consti a bit to fast and twatted a pointy rock, pinch! and ripped my computer cable out yet again, so its now built with a electrical chocolate block glued on fork outers, and one on the stem area, with a repaceble bit or random wire inbetween, genius i thought, no more splicing wires for me, just stick in a new one/tidied old one in with a screwdriver. class
nehoo, beddy byes, mwah, me, XXX

Sunday, April 10, 2005

New Term

Tis a new term, new riding, so forht erecord, the ODO is on 770.8km
Just so you know :p
off to clock it up
Love me

New Saddle

Got a new saddle over easter break boys and girls, Good old Chain Reaction. Its replacing my mangled old 'giant velo' saddle, which was bent down at the nose, the rear lead in and al in all, the rails were a mess, i would show you pictures of the buckled rails but i cant be bothered to go find the old saddle, here is the v sexy and muchos comfyos saddle, very higly recomended so far, mildly heavier cause its steel, but much stronger and very comfortable. And it was in the sale at a meer £12.99, bargin.
XXX, me

Friday, April 01, 2005


I have decided to gallerify all my pictures, to save clogging up blogger, following in the footsteps of eveyronelse, sheep stylee. well, i like to think, more like singletrack stylee.
either way
its under galleries on the sidebar, 'My Gallery'