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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Spikes 'new' forks

Spikes 'new' forks
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New Colour scheme! Black forks and frame, with blue and yellow trim,

Blue forkcaps, saddle and ziptie on the front brake,
Yellow Valve caps, Tyre badges and Rollamajig

having spent 3 days spraying the forks, a tiny layer at a time, and spending 2 hours masking them off, if i say so myself, made a damn good job of it, hope it stays that way, though touch ups will work with black nail varnish if needs be.
Looks so much slicker now, Orange is officialy the worst colour in the world, the only things which should be orange, should be... Oranges

Friday, June 09, 2006

Up the Lawley with some local riders

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Steep an dusty, pretty cool, and now i know what to expect ill be a bit better prepared, though for the first time brakes cooked so much they smoked a little and locked up completly, until they cooled down at least. wheels were pretty much locked! new brakes after new rear wheel, sometime before christmas i think.

[EDIT: 09/06/06@16:03: there are unfeasible amounts of thorns in shropshire, just like the good old pottering around lanes days, after yesterdays ride, ive pulled 5 thorns out the rear tyre, and 2 out the front, and i know they wenrt there when i left, cause i put the tyre on that morning. grrrr, slimes would possibly help around here to some extent, messy pinches arn't really a threat here]

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mountain Goats

dont worry, It is in the right section... The Mountain Goats are not only my new favorite band for this week, but also awesome riding music, and with a name to match. crrracking

irrelevant image by ROBERT BATEMAN
The mountain goats are here

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just not the same

Just not the same
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to be honest, i feel a little dirty now ;-)
1.1/8 " gator ultras, with fabric walls and arimid puncture proofing all the way around, stupidly light and horribly fast on the road, though not quite as comfortable i feel.
gtg race to town now. ta ta!

Monday, June 05, 2006


Back end needs a truing and new bearings, theyre cartirdges, but i cant find the units anywhere online and its a looong waiting list for the bike shop in town. which is now making me quite fancy a nice new wheel, a silver mavic X317 rim to go with the front one, on a nice clicky, 21pickup Hope xc hub in bllllack of course. as i said though, its after shifters and brakes, and the only thing before the frame gets replaced... whoops.
i think ill true it myself, but let the shop have a fiddle with the bearings, dont fancy tapping out hub shells and that myself.
P.S. Got me an LX front mech, not only does it shift simmingly, but matches the hollowtech cranks, collour and shape wise... cracking