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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Night ride Olly? No? Shame"

Joe has just been round, with his new lights, its getting to that stage where im going to have to get some lights. I dont fancy the 30 quid for 10watt and 5watt combo, im more drawn to the 50 quid single 10 watt, simpler and sooo much tidier (they are both on CRC i'll leave you to explore).
Nehoo, the picture, for those not in the know, is probably the neatest and most secure (though not the best i would imagine) light on the market.
what i/you really could do with a barrage of all over light on the bars, from a pair of light weight, long burntime LEDs (good for climbs and a general melle of light) , and a 10watt spot on "le helmet" for directional awesomeness( which would also facilitate off the bike problems, like repairs, stuff droppped out bags (its bound to happen in the dark)). Also better for hefty batteries to be body mounted to prevent bike handling getting cocked up
anyhoo, another of my masterplans which will probably stay in its metaphorical box for quite a while.
Back to the remote sensing report.... ghey


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