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Friday, March 27, 2009

Noo Shoos!

Pedal came off again, in the same way, in the same situation
apparently, (from a bit of careful inspection, observation and deduction), the inner race of the pedal, is a bushing, which is knackered. which is great, until you cant get spares (ghey).
on short sharp climbs, ones you dont change down for, just stand up and crank, the force is sufficient to make the pedal body touch the axel, lock together and unwind the pedal in about 5 revolutions.

therefore, its time for some new pedals, while the xpedos are great, and super light, if they cant be serviced, they may as well be made of very heavy cheese.
that, and every time this happens, it risks ruining the crank arm good and proper!

Enter stage left Shimano: 520 weapons grade pedals;

a bit porky, in comparison, but one of the reasons is due to the whole axel assembly being one cartridge, and for the sake of a tenner, cant be undone and replaced as and when. that, and they last (in my experience of the older ones) for YEARS before it needs doing.

Coool, everyone loves new parts. time to change the cleats over on the shoesies...

nope, they arent coming out. not without a drill and a tenner on a new set of inner plates.
for a pair of shoes that cost 30 quid 4 years ago and have been ridden into the ground?
while they still work, i think its not unacceptable to think

"new cleats + new pedals = new shoes"

Ooo, Speccy BG expert shoes are reduced on evans, from 100BT to a mear 69BT (beer tokens)

nice stiff carbon sole?

seems rude not to really!

Nooo Shoooes!


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