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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Of Llamas and bikes

Derby mountain biking has a new home



Monday, May 19, 2008


I did have plans for the mech and cassette that were in the collection of bits off the Jump bike, but I cant find them for the life of me, so that's going out the window, hrmph

I can't help feeling that I need to Cull a bike before I can justify the next one. Perhaps I just need to cull the supply of useless spares (4 half worn chainrings for example)Or perhaps a fleabay/STW classifieds spree

SSing the XtC is a brilliant idea, its going to be so perfect for the job of low maintenance super reliable Eastmids-mobile. I've a couple of bargains in the bag (Ideal rear wheel for pocket money) but getting it there is bugging me. It wont cost much, rather lots of little expenditures. a tensioner here, a Chain ring there, all adds up pretty quickly (perhaps STW and Fleabay could come to the rescue here too?

I can almost smell the occasion where I'm happy with 2 bikes, though I know its miles away in reality, with imaginative designs on an Alpine built reign-X holiday bike and a track-bike commuter ever circling like vultures. So close, yet so far.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


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Things have happened and moved on in the past fortnight, but i thinks it would be rude not to mention the Dyfi, even if belated.
We came to wales, we saw the Rockband and cheerleaders and we conquered the flapjack.
A weekend well done all round mefinks

On a side note, some new XT brakes are on order. I'm not convinced i can afford them (i can but i hate to see the money go)
My hayes are dying a death, and nearly killed me last night on a Blackrock ,North Derbyshire.
Dont worry, they arnt going in the bin or anything daft, they need an overhaul, and then they will be going towards the XtC SS Pot :-)
Also, Hope XC on 717 for 40 quid as aposed to the 70quid on fleabay or 120ish new, bargin mefinks, even if it did require some "percussive maintenence" to the bearings
Wheels, Brakes, Fork, Frame and SS kit lined up. now just a few finishing touches (cranks and bars and saddle and other vaguely vital stuff)

Olly Out