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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dunkeld Panoramic

Its been sitting on my desktop for a while waiting to be processed after BUSA, but the panorama adjuster thingy ive got eats memory like popcorn, so its one of those things which needs leaving for half an hour to process.
nehoo, heres the small version to fit on this page...


and if you are feeling super adventurous, and have the bandwidth/time spare to download an image 19590x2485, then heres the link to the full version. Stored on uni webspace, (so after 2007 it probably wont be there)



Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sheldon Browns 63 speed

The man-machine-bodge-daddy of cycling has done it again (or at least ive just found it)
a combo 3 speed hub on a 7 speed cassette and i assume a triple front ring.
pointless, but bodgealiccious


raather pointless, but you gotta love the spidersweb/ratsnest of pointless cables and extra brakes.
being away from aber is giving me ideas for that damn single speed again, tisnt a good thing as i cant afford to pour money into another bike!
at the moment the Bams are going on it, V on the back and either a hope mini or a cable disk on the front.
needs a new headset, pedals, seals on the bams (and bridge strictly speaking) and a restore of the mini if i choose that.
also need to find me a rim brake compatible rear wheel which is in one piece!
hmmm, want it to be as similar geom feel to the xtc as possible, but we will see!
also been looking at large custard cotic simples [not availible in custard the larges] :-(