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Monday, May 19, 2008


I did have plans for the mech and cassette that were in the collection of bits off the Jump bike, but I cant find them for the life of me, so that's going out the window, hrmph

I can't help feeling that I need to Cull a bike before I can justify the next one. Perhaps I just need to cull the supply of useless spares (4 half worn chainrings for example)Or perhaps a fleabay/STW classifieds spree

SSing the XtC is a brilliant idea, its going to be so perfect for the job of low maintenance super reliable Eastmids-mobile. I've a couple of bargains in the bag (Ideal rear wheel for pocket money) but getting it there is bugging me. It wont cost much, rather lots of little expenditures. a tensioner here, a Chain ring there, all adds up pretty quickly (perhaps STW and Fleabay could come to the rescue here too?

I can almost smell the occasion where I'm happy with 2 bikes, though I know its miles away in reality, with imaginative designs on an Alpine built reign-X holiday bike and a track-bike commuter ever circling like vultures. So close, yet so far.


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