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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Originally uploaded by olly rob.

Just riding along happy as Larry when BOOM! I think i was runnign my tyres a bit too hard (resisting pinches on snowdon, so around 60psi :$) and the turb just couldnt hack it, so catastrophic tube faliure, as with all tube faliures (rather than Punctures) they dont wheeze or Hiss down, one moment they are up at 60psi, the next they are flat sa a pancake. nehoo, the italian-job slate at Nant didnt really agree with my rim and decided to have a little squabble and the slate won, bummer. opn my nice new wheel too! Though quite a triumph of martins wheel building, its still as straight as an arrow, pretty good work when a rim bends before it goes out of true i think. A bit of careful leverage with a good quality shifty spanner, and will be as good as new. (i hope)


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