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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ultimate Freeride

Ultimate Freeride Hardtail anyone?
One of these

Teamed up with a matching pair of these

All set off by stealth DH Hayes Nines, Hone hollowtechII crankset with sram shifters, rear mech and drive chain connected to (blue) Hope Pro2s on some suitable mavics And for comforts sake, keep it WTB in the seat department. the only issue i have with this plan is whether to choose flats or SPDS, swapping beween the two would be ghey, and you cant get both without sacrificing qualities of each. which is a shame. So until then, i will have to stick with my Giant and Street bike. while im on the subject of talking myself out of wanting one, its a little short i think to be comfortable for some one of my 'stature' to ride any distance.

Its the Harrier Jump Jet of bikes, go anywhere, do anything. If you only ever buy one bike, THIS would be it.


Anonymous Pete said...

The only question is... what size would it be? You've got a choice of 14.5", 16", 18" and 20"? I'm thinking 18" to make it sort of trails-ey but then it wouldn't be good for street? 16" and it would be too small for XC?

Its just not possible to have a good do-it-all bike without massive compromise!

11:33 PM


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