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Monday, November 20, 2006

Snowdon 2 - Snowdons Revenge

Scout returns with Bad News
Originally uploaded by olly rob.

XC this time, and it was much more fun being able to ride up sections which were depressing to walk and it was much appreciated being clipped in too, however, its no fun on those rocks and slates in the wet and with winds which could (and did repeatedly) try and blow the bikes out of our hands of from underneath us (,which could have resulted in them crashing down the faces to thier dooms on the rocks). Nehoo, after the second bridge, we met a rather miffed looking simon with a feather weight bike buffeting in the wind. General conclusion, it wouldn't be rideable up OR down and would be plain dangerous to even walk it. so the scores so far, Bike 1: Snowdonw 1. However the XC whip will be out on the next ride, hopefully in drier, more temperate climes and snowdon will be pillaged and dominated


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