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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Grandfathers Hammer

If i decide to upgrade my gash shifters before Sleepless, and stick some nice deore LX hydro disks on too, as they are cheap as chips, and some of the best brakes you can get without spending 200 quid... the only original parts on my xtc would be the frame, the static gear (seat tubes, bars, stem, etc) and the back wheel AND THEN i may be forced to upgrade the back wheel when it dies to a Maxic 317 rim on a Hope XC hub, to match the front wheel. So the question arises..., if i uprgrade the frame to a yummy trail frame, (heavy XC full susser) such as say... a Trance (like the reign but lighter, and not as whippety as the anthem) is it the same bike??

i wont needless to say, the wheel would be the biggest buy, then i think i MAY stop. it seems a shame to build all this stuff up, i could have bought the bike in bits for less money, but then again, ive only replaced bits ive broken, and its a work in progress right? and you can never be happy with them right?, so if ide bought a trance outright, it would still have got upgraded, and it would have cost just as much (note the lack of Hollowtech, xtr mech etc etc).
its a confusing game. andy anyway, the ONLY way i could have got such a gourgeous Cream frame, was to buy an XTC4, and this way, ive upgraded that I want, not what Giant want, and its a custom bike. Dont worry, im waffeling now, i feel i have to justify myself, or something. only ive got my ambition to keep building her up to a heavy XC/Light trailFR Bike.
That trance is a cracking spec, looking at it, wonder how much it is.... £1650
that would be why then! maybe one day, ill tot' up the price of my bike.
Back in a wee bit.

[Edit, I can get a trance trail bike, heavy build with Aveoli running gear and V brakes, then build up my nice bits and bobs, and either sell the rubbish off, or build it up onto the XTC frame as a hard tail. though that would be sacrelige, maybe ill get a job/win the lottery and just buy all the bikes i fancy instead. we can but dream i guess]

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


How about that for an electronics project, sleepless in the saddle would be even more awsome with these on the bike. legendary

Monday, May 22, 2006

Black never goes out of fashion

much as matt black chipped and orange worn out forks is a loverly colour scheme, i reckon street bikes need, by law, to be stealth black. so the plan is, over the summer, to strip down the street bike and paint the frame and forks in matching gloss/satin black
not only that, but its gonna have some cracking little details in it too, like 'embossing' le fork??
we will see, but i think its an ace idea at the mo.
i suppose, while its apart, i can clean all the other bits and bobs, and make them shiney to go back on... perhaps

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Return


Its back, its cleaner, it links to the main page, and rather than be full of gay stat reports, it'll be all the waffle off t'other blog that has bike stuff in it (circa 50%) about cool rides and spending too much money and being cold etc etc.
Ive been looking for an excuse to play HTML games and the main page is.... well... perfect, so i thought ide perfecterise this one instead
Enjoy :D