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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Nant Y Arian

52.42km, Mx 57.1kmph
9:00 - 15:00

well i wrote an extensive account of my trip with Si today, and then lost it, nuts, so ill summerise
It was: Busy, cloudy, chaffage ridden, early, damp, cold, erm and we got lost.
all in all ace
enjoy (the top picture is a clickable thumbnail, cause i liked it, and its me)

Long time no see

it would appear i havent bothered to post in a while, its been a busy week belive me. The whole 'summit' argument is still raging. i think i will have to avoied summit cycles for a while. if you dont know what im waffeling about, its probably best, its a long story (or its getting that way at least) i got my multitool from chain reaction on, erm monday i think, or was it tuesday. well either way, its pretty cool, and it was 50% off on CRC so bargin. Its a 'parktool' MTB7, and it was a mere tenner, (or a smidgen over) ill levae you to find it onthe net, cause im too lazy to link it, oh go on then, if i must. brb.
tada. hmmthis park tools site is pretty neat. I will have to link it, especially as i use em' .
oh yup
i bent my saddle rails too, slipped off the pedals and bust my butt on the saddle, mended it with a series of hefty whacks with a roadsign we had lying around (in the abscence of a hammer)
thats about all i think, oh RE: bath, its filthy again.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Wash Day

Thought it mite be time for a spring clean, seeing as im avoiding revision still.
Starts with a ride through Glais woods in the pissing rain, yummy (and very slippy) leaf mulch and other such filth. then a ride along a wet sea front with my camera, (see gallery)
came home, first to get a bath, was the bike. good scrub, detergent to get the grease off, is not exactly sparkeling as before, cause i cant bearsed to get into the cracks n stuff, but all the mechanics are sparkly,, then wheels, 'flossed' the rear mech etc. Filled frame with water, poured out yet more skank. then carefully relubed chain and parts. took out cable guides, lubbed entire cables, tip to tip, found need to adjust brakes, so have ordered some Hope shims from CRC (£1.50 for 10) (can officialy use Hope stickers now and have reason to, hehehe). lastly bath got cleaned out.
Then it was my turn for a shower, to get layers of crap off me, but we wont go into details. theen took all my muddy kit and filled laundry machines with mud, ace. Now its the turn of my room. Yawn. shoudnt take too long. see u around. xxx

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Got my new Headlight in the post today. A little fiddling and 'tis fitted nicely. I will have to test it some time soon in order to adjust the beam properly, but its a finger screw fitting, so can be done without tools if necessary. I also added a new blog tot eh collection, this ones a photography gallery. I'm sure its quite possible to see some arty shots of club bikes in the near future.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Gear Mechs Spares: Avid Rollamajig

Having ordered a multi tool and a front light in the past 48 hours, i can see me spending yet more money on things i dont neeeeeeeeed but would be neat, like the idea of this little dude, especially as i have miles of excess cable at the moment. but i cant afford it, i cant afford it, i cant afford it. grrr (ide have a red one)

love these gizmos. could really pimp up my bike if im not careful


Rotor job

abermtb.com :: View topic - Star Allen Key

Was riding along the seafront, getting buffeted around earlier, popped bike up off a speed ramp, and got shunted about 3 feet to the left by a gust of welsh coast wind. Scary stuff, came down pretty heavily and kept my self up with a footplant off the ..er ... floor (not nearly hardcore enough). ne hoo. Heavy landing resulted in a twanging rattle on the rotor. Could definitely do with a tighten. Came to do it and didn't have tool for the job (hence forum thread above) Will have to get the keys sent from home next tues. Till then (unless I get down to Tims or Summit) hear me rattle!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Olly XCMTB - Giant XTC4

I tested my new tyres, and promptly got a puncture. lol maybe was a thorn i hadnt removed or soamt, ither way, i bumped up the pressure and gae it a spin, as you do with slime, and it seems to be holding. Therefore ive mounted the pump mount, so i can keep it on the bike, for topping up when i get flats. should ahve been revising today, but with all this excitment, none has gotten done. thought ide top it of with the tasteful new banner at the top of the page ^^
i like it, hope you agree!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Flats suck!


Having spent another few hours tryignt o repair another flat with pregled patches, which in all fairness worked fine on mos of the tire, but where the 'continiental' logo was printed, despite sanding and washing furiously, the glue just wouldnt hold for any length of time. have cut my losses and spent £8 on a slime tube 'with a tasteful green slime coloured valve cap too'
we will se ehow it goes, if i get a flat onte h front im just gonna get another slime tube, if its as s good as they say it is, as i see it, some people hate the stuff, and others swear by it, we will see wont we.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Electron Wide LED Rear Safety Light - 5 LED 2005 �5.95 - Parker International

Bought this rear light off the net on thurs and installed it today (had to collect it from post office), like the similar cateye one, only cheaper, and just as good in my opinion. Set me back, in total including P&P and VAT, £8.45, not bad me thinks, ill let you know how it goes.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


it must be said, Christmas riding was poo. no fun when there is no-one to ride with. went to town once i think, and a few laps of the block, town and back is 25km i think, or something like that.
in total i rode 71.4km, Mx speed 55.55 (novel) bringin my total ODO up to 278.8.
Lovley numbers
oh well, back in aber now, riding tomorow i think, if i can get Drew out of bed.