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Friday, April 22, 2005

Uber Plan

It has come about, that i want another bike. Being a bit of a saga this story is; [Forum].
anyhoo, the plan is this, as it stands.

1) In august, after my results come out buy this most beautiful Giant Acid 1

Its an ace setup in my opinon for the price, as Giants always are as they make clones of deore hubs, Hope C2 brakes, etc and can produce and fit 'em cheaper.
however the forks are a bit on the XC side for entry downhilling, so hopefully i can get me some second hand vanillas or bombers off Tim or Andy and then the complex bit begins,

2) move the zocchis MZ comps onto my XTC, and the XCP75s off the XTC onto the old bouldershock (so old it hasnt got a website but its much like this) Genius.

3) Not only that but the wheels on my XTC are excessivly heavy, rims alone 470g, cause they are downhilling rims (for disks only) according to the Alex website. anyhoo, as giant parts will be on both, they shoudl be compatible, so i will se eif i can swwap the wheels on the Acid for some liht weight ones, and then put eh new ones on the XTC and the old Alex DP17s on the new Acid. Are you still with me boys n girls? if so, congratulations


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