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Thursday, April 28, 2005

NyM with South wales riders

I'm Slacking!!!!, i really cant be bothered to post at the moment, so its gonna have to be another few posts rolled into one

1) Ride with Riders from south wales last weekend, was pretty good, would have been ace if it wasnt for stuff breaking, first i got a puncture, while mending i lost a vital pump bit, set us back a good 15 mins, arse. Then, on the moorland section of the conti, my peddal sheared off, which was gay. So a nice 10km walk back to teh car park for me, then a 3 hour sit in the car park. I got a few shots on the way back though, and paused to write some anti 4wheel slogan onthe side of a Quad bike van, who came steaming past us when i was with the group, can put up with Motocrossers, but if u cant balance a bike then get off the trail :@


2) Took drive arm down to summit, and asked them to helicoil it, but it was too badly damaged so wasnt possibel, so instead of sellign me awhole new drive chain, they gave me just the bits i needed, and took the cogs off to sell 'em seperatly
What useful chaps!!!!
£25 quid i think it was, ho hum, beats buying a whole new chain-set

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Anonymous Kyle said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you, Friend, how impressed I was with it.
I give you my best wishes for your future endeavors. Kyle

9:07 AM


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