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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Multiple posts, all rolled into one mess

what can i say, Sunday was a mess. The Clarach trails have been redone, now knobbly horrid downhill rather than just big singletrack, am much distressed. Drew wasnt feelign to great so i robbed t' Patriot and had a go myself, was muchos fun with all them soggy springs, but then i thought ide give thee drop a go, which worked perfectly i mite add, but the compression got the better of me on the following up ramp, catpulting me miles into the air (around 5' according to spectators, which is far too high for my liking) upon crashing to ground, realised i was being chased by a runaway, riderless Patriot with monster Ts looming down. well i didnt die, so i got up and tried it again, and proceeded to exactly the same thing again. All in all, it could have gone better. then again it could have gone worse too.
Bit of street riding with drewfish today. great fun, only Scully turned up and prceeded to show us up with his hardcore trial skills. grr. getting a job over the summer i think, for a plush street bike.
Oh yeah, got a puncture on sunday too, to consti a bit to fast and twatted a pointy rock, pinch! and ripped my computer cable out yet again, so its now built with a electrical chocolate block glued on fork outers, and one on the stem area, with a repaceble bit or random wire inbetween, genius i thought, no more splicing wires for me, just stick in a new one/tidied old one in with a screwdriver. class
nehoo, beddy byes, mwah, me, XXX


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