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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pusing the envelope

Damn it, ive bent it again.
We went to the redbull trail in Coed Y brenin, and then the Marin in Betsy Coed.
The redbull was good fun, if a little cobbley for my liking on the climbs. Then we stopped for a steak sandwich in the visitor center, mmm cracking. Then on to Betsy, where we rode out a good 10 k, before i broke my bike by mangling the dropout, so my hanger was well and tuly wedged in my spokes, got it out, and with a flat tyre which i couldent reapaair, began the 10km walk home, was quite irritating, and i didnt have a clue where i wass going, so had to guess a lot of it. Probably walked much further than nessacary damn it.
Why do i break it soooooo easily!? Argh, off to summit soon, see if i can get a new dropout (I think thats the bit im on about) and a new tube


Anonymous Melv said...

You break it so easily because it's a Giant.

2:33 PM

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