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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Brakes were getting a tad spongey, so purged them today, not a complete rebled, good old Giant MPH3/Hope C2s are an open (or is it closed) system (never can rememeber which way round that is). Meant i could stick a a length of tubing filled with fluid on the top of the resevoir instead of a whole syringe set, pump the system a few times, pushing all the air bubbles up the system as the Dot4 is forced down, No need for me to fiddle with the caliper end of the brake, so no risk of spilling fluid and permanantly writing off pads, rotors and pretty paint jobs, mmm toxic/irritant/acid badass brake fluid. i think ill take it for a hack this afternoon, and then redo the back brake, its still a little spongey and being horizontal it is tricky to get he bubble to rise up, i got a ot out, but i think a hack will disturb all the others, putting them nearer the top of the system. Its only a hypothisis, but im pretty confident.
Joy to the procrastinating world, my brakes have been done, back to revision.


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