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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Long time no see

it would appear i havent bothered to post in a while, its been a busy week belive me. The whole 'summit' argument is still raging. i think i will have to avoied summit cycles for a while. if you dont know what im waffeling about, its probably best, its a long story (or its getting that way at least) i got my multitool from chain reaction on, erm monday i think, or was it tuesday. well either way, its pretty cool, and it was 50% off on CRC so bargin. Its a 'parktool' MTB7, and it was a mere tenner, (or a smidgen over) ill levae you to find it onthe net, cause im too lazy to link it, oh go on then, if i must. brb.
tada. hmmthis park tools site is pretty neat. I will have to link it, especially as i use em' .
oh yup
i bent my saddle rails too, slipped off the pedals and bust my butt on the saddle, mended it with a series of hefty whacks with a roadsign we had lying around (in the abscence of a hammer)
thats about all i think, oh RE: bath, its filthy again.


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