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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Wash Day

Thought it mite be time for a spring clean, seeing as im avoiding revision still.
Starts with a ride through Glais woods in the pissing rain, yummy (and very slippy) leaf mulch and other such filth. then a ride along a wet sea front with my camera, (see gallery)
came home, first to get a bath, was the bike. good scrub, detergent to get the grease off, is not exactly sparkeling as before, cause i cant bearsed to get into the cracks n stuff, but all the mechanics are sparkly,, then wheels, 'flossed' the rear mech etc. Filled frame with water, poured out yet more skank. then carefully relubed chain and parts. took out cable guides, lubbed entire cables, tip to tip, found need to adjust brakes, so have ordered some Hope shims from CRC (£1.50 for 10) (can officialy use Hope stickers now and have reason to, hehehe). lastly bath got cleaned out.
Then it was my turn for a shower, to get layers of crap off me, but we wont go into details. theen took all my muddy kit and filled laundry machines with mud, ace. Now its the turn of my room. Yawn. shoudnt take too long. see u around. xxx


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