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Friday, June 09, 2006

Up the Lawley with some local riders

Originally uploaded by olly rob.

Steep an dusty, pretty cool, and now i know what to expect ill be a bit better prepared, though for the first time brakes cooked so much they smoked a little and locked up completly, until they cooled down at least. wheels were pretty much locked! new brakes after new rear wheel, sometime before christmas i think.

[EDIT: 09/06/06@16:03: there are unfeasible amounts of thorns in shropshire, just like the good old pottering around lanes days, after yesterdays ride, ive pulled 5 thorns out the rear tyre, and 2 out the front, and i know they wenrt there when i left, cause i put the tyre on that morning. grrrr, slimes would possibly help around here to some extent, messy pinches arn't really a threat here]


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