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Thursday, December 16, 2004


Seeing as no one is here at the moment, apart from me and adam, and the fact that my bike is/was filthy, and needs to go in the car on saturday, i thought ide have a go at making it last longer and woring better by starting to clean it. we have no hose here, so it was into the bath for a nice hot... well, er, bath. ne hoo, dropped the wheels and the saddle off ot fit its huge ass 21" frame in the tub and cleaned it all over thoroughly, used a squirty radox bottle to clean out crevases. gave the disks a good scrub and then having spent aaaaaaaaaages cleaning it, went and lubed everryhting from cahin to mech to pedal bearings, running sweet as a nut. yum (smells nice too) if its gonna last, im gonna have to start doing that after every ride.


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