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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Last Wednesday ride this semester

One last ride for the down hillers and freeriders, not alot to talk about, Penglais woods, then Consti, then Clarach. Then back down Consti, ending with a jump competition in the dark at the harbour. however, im quite pleased with some of the shots i got.

Drew up

Drew Down

Lee off Consti

roughly nine grands worth of equipment (bikes alone)

Arty Mike

The Team and 'Machines'

Springy bits, castle in background


Pop off wall

Richs stupidly large disks

Lee tail whips off wall (show off)


Blogger drew said...

That drew guy is an amazing rider, look at those pictures, he rides sith such style and finesse. Olly you must feel honoured to ride with such an fantastic all round mtber.

1:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah, that Melvin guy is far more awesome, especially with his new bike.

2:55 PM


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