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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Nant Y Arian

Aber > Nant Y A > Aber
distance, 39.5km
Max speed, 63.5 km/h
10:00 14:00 (ish)

Shorter ride today, out to Nant over mountain road, then a figure 8 loop around the single tracks, Italian job, Drunken Druid etc, thought wede skip leg burner and the moors when it started to hail. grr. weather was a bit miserable, but we did nearly get run over by a stupidly low Tornado (jet). it hink my yres were a little hard, as my fingers were numbed, it was damn cold too. Ooo, i passed the 200km overall mark today, am on 206km now i think.

'Giant' Convention


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