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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Puncture still!

Despite being ace, this bike has rubbish innertubes, i got one measly slow puncture,, and inteh process of repainring it i managed t pinch the innnertube numerous times, easily into double figures, this meant that those nice stiff new hutchinson bulldog tyres kept nipping the tube as i put it back on, and creating a puncture, They were also so stiff that i snapped my plastic levers trying to get them on and off, and so had to resort to horrid steel ones, scratching my nice black rim to kingdom come in various places. and to top it off, my pump exploded, and drews pump, i said i was gonna borow, was rubbish. so i cut my losses after 5 hours of struggle, and bought a new tube and a new pump and some lazy self adhesive patches just in case. overdraft here i come. ill make it up next year by not buying a bike and will hopefuly break even over the year.
im so damn practiced at punctures it should have been a 2 miniute roadside job, damn new tyres

Pump: £10.00
Tube: £4.50
Leech patches: £2.00
-10% club discount

Total: £14.85
is that about right?
who knows
at this precise moment i dont care. i hate bikes, they're crap. off to get a nother puncture now. grrr
think will take it easy and just got to woolies and get some washers to adjust my brakes. grrrr poo.


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