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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Welcome to the easter Holidays, and in the spirit of travelling home light, i didnt bother to bring either my bike r my computer, and now i need to ride, is so slow. argh. but have been thinking. i bought some new trainers for riding in, as i melted my old ones at busa (see previous post),got some 'hi-tech' clones of salamon trail shoes, which should be good, i was toying with the idea of SPDs, but hen agen, ive heard a lot of mixed press about them and dont know if i can be bothered. my alternative compromise, is, when im road riding wiyth mypretty new unused (still) tyres, ill take advantage of the copper grease on the crank arms and swap the pedals over for the little gay toe clip ones, that came with it, and my big ass flats for XC riding. (do need to find a 15mm cone/pedal spanner though)
was looking at my bike (not mine obviously, but another xtc4) in dave mellors yesterday, i very strange to see it smaller and cleaner and less used, and unlike when it was new, the hideous camo coloured xtc2 looks quite nice, i think its that grass is always greener syndrome. th roadie bikes look quite ace too, expensive though, and thier is nothing to them. i can see me retireing from XC when im old(er) into roadie stuff. argh save me. henny hoo enough waffeling. Roll on term time, seems to be my moto at the moment. H&K, Ol


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