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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

BUSA 2005 Aftermath Links

British University Student Association Mounain bike Championships 2005, held in Innerleithan, Scotland... were ace!

a hell of a lot happned, i dont know where to start so ill try and give you the jist as best i can.
All the university clubs meet up and race like mad things around, or down the various courses laid out. i was in the sport XC event, which is basicly a fun run, no results for me, i was 53 of 99 i think, the rest of the results, for the 'champs XC' and the DH teams can be found here.
Lots of fun was had by all, late nite camping antics, plenty o' mud, mayhem, burger van nutrition,
i think you might as well just look at the pictures, a picture says a thousand words as they say, and thats a very long blog.

[edit - 00:37] incidently distance covered on the course, 2 laps was 19.86k, and top speed was a whacking 52.3kmph. thats damn quick for single track slalom stuff. i also did the swoops part of the single track 5 times the day before cause it was bloody amazing, the best single track i have ever riden. it was Black grade (Expert) but it was really smooth, flowing, hardpack. which is every XC riders dream in my opinion. i also did the entire course as a practice lap once too and went to Innerleithann for some food once. Not sure what that makes it all in total, but was around 50km im guesing? [edit ends]


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some great DH pictures by David Chadwick, local pro photographer, sorted into race numbers


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