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Monday, March 07, 2005


My sexy ass slicks arrived over the weekend. tenner for the pair from ebay (new) they feel sticky as fook, but i havent fitted em yet. it hink i will some time, and go for that road ride with Alex weve been promising for such a long time. It would appear i have no money left now, and i still ahev to sort outhe busa trip, lots of scary videos posted onthe AberMTB forum, some scary looking drops off the side of mountains etc. im actually looking forward to it suprisingly. I know the climbs wont be my strong point, but i think im gonna have a bit more guts thans ome of the other XCers, lets just hope my forks are ok to take a good kicking for a few hours. first lap will trst conditions, the others will be all out 'catch up time lost on climb' kamikaze runs. wwwwwwwwwwwiked. need to sort transport up there now from london (as cant go in minibus, cause im in london) looks to be around 50 squid. Bum, oh well, overdraft is there for a reason, im not missing busa now. nehoo. gtg. speak later
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