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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Stupid computers

All in all, if youve beeen keeping up to date with mon autre blog, you would know, life is being awkward, one example of this was todays ride, appreantly we did 24.99km, when actually we did 40.6, you see, the wheel size had set itself to 16", and i do not have 16" wheels, so some quick mathamatics, [(24.99/16)x 26=40.6] check me out GCSEs came in useful! now its your turn, if max speed was 33.5kmph, on 16" wheels, what was it on 26" wheels wth the same speed of revolution? I was hungry all day today on NyA summit loop so had minimal energy, resulting in lack of power, walked alot, wanted to walk on flat at one point!, and minimal concentration, stacked myself twice today, bashed mech and cut face and arms. bummer, overall conclusion, better luck next time. Its been a long week, so sod u lot, im off to bed :p . read my front blog for details. XXX


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