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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bikes are crap

Arse, after Sundays ride, i got that puncture, i ordered a new tube from wiggle, and some sweet pedals too. fitted em, and then my computer cable snapped again, damnation, bodeged with tape, but the wire wasnt long enough, so ive nicked 10cms from my stereo cables (super bodge!) to make em long enough. i sorted that, and now i found, bombing down a hill, that my front brak buzzes, i think its cause i have blown up my fron tyre prety hard and its buzzing cause front braking loads the front fork quite a bit, and it leans on the road buzz, but its still pretty annoying, i think ill leave it and see what happens. either swap pads over from front to ack , they re pretty new so shouldn't matter, and it will tell me if its a contamination problem, if neeeds be i can swap the rotors too.
after tht, ill be letting the tyre back down again, and after THAT, its a trip to the shop, fantabulous.
wheneer i mend somat, or tweek it, somat else breaks, will ahve to stop tweeking. i can tell im gonna need to rewire computer some time, but shoudlent be a major faff, but still hastle nether the less!
Off home for the weekend, so no riding this weekend, which is annoying as theey are off ot CyB apparently. Check the abermtb fotopic account after sunday to see hwat i missed.


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