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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Basically just with a fork and wheels on to check its ok rigid!, it wont even be that fork on the final build as the damn thing is 10mm to short. Also, they are the wheels off the xtc, again there to see if it would work ok, the wheels going on it will be running 1" conti gators.
Give it a month of super stingey ebaying, and if all goes to plan we should have a rigid, v-braked, singlespeed?, 26"x 26", commuter bike! currently priced at about 20 quid plus wheels (but that's another story) as I've got quite a few bits already. Huzzah for woolly hat shop!
Also thinking single sided spds, as i need new cleats anyway, and could choose shoes and hoping i can get some square taper HT1 cranks on fleabay for a couple of quid.
Notae Benne: old 110 giant stem pointing down! shock horror
Its name is Lucy by the way, I'll leave you to work out why.


Anonymous Drew said...

Some nice forks you got there ;)

11:45 AM


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