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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I was looking at these very lights only a month or two ago, for the bargain price of 60 quid you get a NiMH battery, a 5Watt spread and a 10Watt beam Halogen headlamps.
Well sleepless is looming and CRC have an offer on and they are now £19.99..... Jackpot
so i thought it would be silly to miss and splashed out on a gradution present. thing is, it dosent get dark till 10 now, so they may not get much use for a few weeks. but they are here, so i think ill flatten the battery (having had it on charge for 12 hours) and put it into storage till the darker months.
Incidently, the badge on the headtube is now black because the chrome was getting skanky, and i thought it would add a nice custom touch (as the rest of the original bike has been obliterated over the past 2 years)
came out quite nicely, i think you will agree. :)


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