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Monday, August 20, 2007

69erish Pub Bitch Bike

Having left my xtc locked up in town for all of an hour, i'm terrified its gonna get stripped. (tealeafing little buggers with allen keys). Having looked at insurance, which would end up being a mere 100 queens notes a year PLUS having a 4 tonne D lock, i think it would be cheaper to get a pub/bitch/commuter bike.
Ive got a boulder frame (SS at the mo, never ridden) which would do the job, road wheels, one brake jobby. however all my forks are shot to poo or leaking, a rigid would me much more usable. only a bog standard rigid fork would make the geometry all wrong. HMMMMMM!
trek 69er runs a 26" back end, and a 29" front end. The back end provides good acceleration and the 29 front end gives a smoother quicker ride.
How about, a cheap ass road fork on a road wheel up front, to correct the geometry?

700cc = 28" MTB size give or take
frame is adjusted to 2-3" travel.
a 700cc wheel would give a rise (over a 26" rigid fork) including wheel extra, of ABOUT 3 inches

...to fleabay...
I say, a 700cc alloy tourer fork for £1 plus £5 postage
a 700cc wheel, tyre and tube for £6
That is considerably less than 150 quid for a years insurance, true im gonna need a new BB and rear wheel, but im sure auntie fleabay can help out there.
if i win the fork (which ends first) i think I'll "green light" the project as an OK idea.

piccy "borrowed" off the treck website, the new 69er, awesome (though i dont understand the need for tripple crown myself)


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