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Friday, June 29, 2007

Single Speed

Apart from a brake cable and a brake hose its rolling stock! Rock!
could do with a new rear wheel, a seat QR and a new bottom bracket would let me put on some more suitable cranks, (the current one is very short)
the saddle and front wheel are off other bikes, but are quick release so i may as well use them as ive got them already!
it pedals fine, but cant stop yet! I could get away with just a rear brake but as ive got the mini, and it fits the rotor on the street bike its too convenient to ignore. New SPDs are due on mon XC bike, so the current SPDs could go on the SS. the street bike could use a new Headset (the other one is ok but a bit rough) so when i get a Pig Pro on there, the Pig can get serviced and put on the SS too.
slowly but steadily i guess!



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