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Monday, August 20, 2007


using the technical wizadry of photoshop... and a hammer on the touchpad if the image is anything to go by, i have recreated, to scale, for the purposes of geometry, the joyus unity of Giant boulder, 700cc front end, and cough Cyclocross cough cough bars and seatpost
praps mine will end up as a SS? Better for a pub bike, not so good for a commuter bike praps?
one ring up front for sure, praps a handful of gears out back (a hand with seven or eight fingers?)
All reliant on captain fleabay of course
Incidentally, I've decided its called a 726 - Seven Hundred (700cc) and Twenty Six (26")
cause 29" isn't 700cc, i believe


Blogger Olly said...

spell check has formatted the crap this post!
wont happen again boss

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