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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Super simple SS conversion cont'd

just out of interest (and a bit of boredom) i thought id'e try it, and whadya know.
though i wouldn't use a chainring myself, when you can get a nice supply of sprockets, of ALL different sizes by taking a hammer to an old cassette.
by having a fiddle with chain lengths and sprocket sizes, you can adjust the tension pretty accurately, and when its done properly (with SS specific cogs front and back, the ghost cog cant fall out, cant rattle loose, it just floats there, wedged between the chain going forwards at the top and rearwards underneath. because the chain moves at the same speed top and bottom it dosen't creep in either direction.
The clever bit is, if you need more tension on the chain, knock the wheel out the dropouts and move the floating sprocket a link closer to the freehub, (away lowers tension equally), if its awkward, chainge the size of the sprocket. kinda hard to explain, you either get it or you dont i guess, as long as the floating sprocket is bigger than the space between the upper and lower chain, it pushes them apart, tensioning it nicely.
a spring loaded tensioner would be quicker a less of a faff to set up, as would a mech, but i like the clean lines of this, and on a pimpy pit/hack bike it would look cool with a magical floating sprocket methinks :)


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