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Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Bike anyone?

Browsing these fancy "Asphalt" Konas points in one direction really, the knackered XC bike in the shed. Ive got the:

stem and bars
cable disks (for the front)

which need replacing, the seat is easy, as being another giant, i can use the seat and post off the xc rig, which will make it nice and comfy (not like i can ride 2 at the same time is it).
all it needs is:

New Headset
New Wheels (if im getting them done, single speed on the back and a disk on the front on basic bearing hubs as they wont get screwed over on the road/commute)
and once ive got the siezed BB out, we're laughing.
and as a project, paint it nice, as it wont get scratched up either and the current paintwork is haggard, but thats just asthetics obviously.

sigh, its not like i need it, but its such a convinient idea.

[incidently, the cromloy frame in the picture down there under the 'urban riding' post is a Kona Explosif, thats what got me looking at Konas. Sla]


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