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Monday, October 16, 2006

Ultimate Street Bike

My ultimate street bike, ultimatly based on the Specialized Bicycle Components : P.2 Cr-Mo However a few changes on the component front (well all of them basicly)

  • P Cromo frame, in baby pink, with the same "skull" patern
  • Black Zocchi DJ1s, bolt through forks
  • Black Hope Pro2 Hubs
  • Shimano Hone Crankset, undecided between 2 rings and a mech or 1 ring and a guide, is there a compromise?
  • Roadie Cassete and Rear mech
  • Hayes nine brakes
  • Wellgo V12 Flat pedals
  • WTB trialsy saddle
  • Speccy Grips, not in brown

    Short-as-you-like Scrummy


Anonymous Tim said...

yes there is a compromise, e-thirteen definitely do, called the drs (dual ring system). cheaper alternatives from dmr and the such too

should stop dreaming though olly, gotta get just one going right yet ;)

9:52 PM

Anonymous Pete said...

Well, personally I would say Hone cranks, e.thirteen bash ring, two rings with a hone mech and job's a good one. :)

8:10 PM


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