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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New XC rear wheel

Sinnerman is me

Sinnerman says: omfooking god
Sinnerman says: was in summit
Sinnerman says: talking to Martin about a repair to my back wheel (60 quid in total)
Sinnerman says: and ended up talking about a hope pro2 on a light rim
Sinnerman says: as an xc wheel
Senor Drew says: ow do
Sinnerman says: and my dad was like, ill give u 80 quid towards one of those
Sinnerman says: if u pay the rest
Sinnerman says: so ended up with a 160 quid rear wheel on xc boike now (costing me 80 quid)
Sinnerman says: :o :o :o
Sinnerman says: (reeto la)

Rant over!
i swear i could explode!But im of 2 minds of wether its the right thing, i mean, it is! cause it'll last forever, and the 60 quid option needs an extra 60 quid every 2 years ish, so in 4 years its paid for itself, and even if i bend the wheel (which wont happen with a Martin wheel used for xc) i still get to keep the hub forever an ever and ever, as its tougher than the fabric of time itself.
However 160 quid is a lot... but then im only paying 80, so less impact, more guilt.
Though im not getting a birthday pressie anymore i dont think, but then i never wanted anything specific anyway so its worked out on that front quiet well. anyway, its ordered and being built, ill make a shrine to it when it arrives, before it gets muddy. have i done the right thing in getting this over a rebuild onto my current hub, basic cartridge hub with sealed unit freehub?

New wheel looks like this:
one of these

built onto one of these
Pro ll Rear 32H - 135mm - QR - 6 Bolt Hope

By Martin at summit (the ONLY wheel builder)


Anonymous Pete said...

Good choice, I want to get splash out on some pro II hubs laced (36h coz i'm clumsey) to XM321 rims. Let me know how the hope badger gets on :)


6:05 PM


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