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Monday, October 09, 2006

Bikes are gay still

Having manualed into a wall (whoops) i set about repairing said gash, easy really. Just wet and dry the burr off the gash, then fill the pit with nail varnish (hence the blackness of the pit) and use brasso to gently level off the varnish (repeat as needed)
it actually works so much better than i expected! pretty much perfectly, you can only feel the pit by picking at it, rather than just gently stroking it (how erotic).
ANYWAY, to get at it properly, i took the fork leg off so i could take some time over it infront of the TV

Bolting it back on again however, i noticed this crack in the bridge, i Hate bikes so much, its just a chain of busted bits, mend one and another one goes or is found. i should have stuck with cacky pedals :(

why is it on its side? :S

To be fair, the forks could already do with an overhaul, new spings, oil and seals. grrrrr


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