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Monday, September 11, 2006

Shrine of Worship

Its arrived

I had big plans to make a shrine to my fantabulous new wheel, but now ive run out of ideas. Martin claims, its a pleasure to build nice wheels from nice components, so thats always good.
Does it WANT to be any louder, i may have to put a dab of grease in some time to shut it up! Apparntly its 4 pawls in a 24 tooth ratchet, which is a bit of a bummer to my Bulb, 3 pawls on a 21 tooth rathcet, muhahaha
however, while out on a ride yesterday i did finaly get pedal hops in (on a new xc wheel :$ tut tut) it probably helped, being clipped in, with the pedal kicks, but after going for 'just one more go' the tight clips got the better of me and i over cooked it and couldn't jump out before being deposited on my arse. Ow
anyhoo, it has been subjected to a weigh in too

The old wheel was 1300grams, this one is...
922 grams, which in uncooked pork sausages is, 62.5 weight watcher points, and in semolina, 48.5 weight watchers points. Jens scales finaly get some proper usage it would seem. Anyhoo, 400grams, nealry half a kilo, is enough of a difference to be quite noticable i thinks, and the general indestructable badassness of the build has made it, overall, a bargin buy (keep telling yourself that and it'l be fine)

You love it.
I know i do


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