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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Long time (XTC)

Its been a long time, infact anyone (singular) who ever bothered to check regularly may have given up, but its all been busy this summer, spent lots of money, and pedaled muchly. So much so in fact, that im gonna go for the whole list approach as im lazy.

1) Funky bar ends bought, concluded that i didnt like em on the ends of the bars and so have stuck em on the inside of the grips, outside the control mounts, the plan is, still work as climbing bars, comfy position for flat cruising and nice aerodynamics for descents on roads. I think it works wonders myself, and only use the gribs when i need brakes really, can even change gear while using them. Im sure ule get a pic some time ish soon ish.

2) Spuds, or even SPDs or even shimano pedal dynamics, or EVEN Suicidal pedal design. Either way, funky M5 SPDS, and some v v sexyt specialzed Body Geo Shoes to match, am loving em, just couldnt go back to Platforms.

3) Riding 12k each way to and from work over the hols demanded slicks, if only to save expensive tyres, and the soft tacky rubber has been munched by meole braces damn roundabouts, super grippy tarmac (the yellow sandpaper stuff), on tyres reuslts in big bald(er) patch. Nehoo, loving roadie riding, want another bike.

3) Sleepless in the saddle was awsome, but to avoid me waffeling on about it, as im lazy, go to the forum and look at the thread, pith piccys and all sorts (my piccys are on my gallery also)

4) errrrrm, Begining 0f Hols i got my dudey rollermajig fitted, it looks techy (which is always good imo) and it hink it helps muchly on ghost shifting, but its hard to compare so hard to tell.

Nehoo, shutting up now, Laters. XXX

sleepless in the saddle, early morning


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