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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Computer n' stuff

It would appear that my cable for my cycle computer has worn through! it split on me. grr, so im going to be missing a mile or 2 off the clock when the totals are added up. I took the opertunity however to reroute the cable tidier route under the hydraulics hoses etc rather than over, and reinforced the cable with insualtion tape (great stuff) I repaired the break by stripping the wire and twisting it all together, in the abscence of electronic construction equipment, using yet more tape rather then solder to hod it fast, and it works again, ace. I also think that i Maybe have found a nut to hold the brake caliper on now that the thread has stripped. took a long bolt to a short hole and used a innertube valve stem nut on the opposing side. thats univeral fittings for you, promoting bodging around the world. n' stuff. anyhoo, loctite-ed it just make sure. As i think it'l be softer steel, i mustn't over tighten it either!


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