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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Busy busy busy

WELL! its been a long time boys and girls. and a hellovalot has happened in the past week or so, so much so i dont kno where to begin, is supose we could start at 'le begining'
tuesday, we had the Aber MTB social, which was keeewl, first one ive been to this term, involved, melv being very sick again, Andy having a tete a tete with the police again, and general mayhem, i didnt feel very well. then on wednesday i managed to hospitalise myself for 2 hours by knocking myself on some concrete for a few miniutes, i dont know how it happned, i wasnt there.
but heres a wee thread for the post Andy put on the forum.
if i wasnt wearing my helmet would have been splattered across the road i think, so i needed to buy a new one, as the old one was well and truly shagged. After much though and indecisivness, i came to choosing this one, not only cause its not to expensive and looks pretty, but cause its a 661, and i can look pimpin.
I also managad to chew up the front of my brakre resevoirs on the old impact, but it has straightened them out for me, a silver lining you could say (although they are now astheticaly mangled and required a good thump with a hammer to un-foul). it appears i cant rememebr things from one miniute to the next, but that will improve with time apparently. (great!)
im well and truly grounded till my helmet arrives, because im afraid of riding without one now. I think i need some new, more grippy pedals too. To stop me going arse over tit again.
ooh well, on an up note, i am linked on chain reaction now, so if you go tot eh main page, look for me on the right hand side. ace.
wen ive hosted videos, ill get some funny clips of drew making a fool of himself on the sea-front online too, look forward to it.
cheery bye


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