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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bakewell to Chatsworth and back again:

Bakewell, and the surrounding area has some pretty sludgey mud this time of year, it would appear.

following the first "epic route" from the light/white peak book.

though I wouldn't have classed 17 miles as epic myself, and wasn't exhaausted at the end of it, twas enough riding for one day for someone in my position (being a office cake and biscuit fatty monster)


the imposing Chatsworth house over an even more imposing toptube ;-)

luckily, Gravity tyres have such little grip in mud that clearance really wasn't and issue, even with the peculiar reinforcing brace


a smaller bike, with less problems in the mud (apart from the use of flat pedals perhaps, tsskk)



and the compulsary bike photo, of course.


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