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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Holy Grail

having recieved a shiney new 456 9mm bolt through front hub for Christmas, and having a spare 717xc rim in the garage, it seemed logical to get it built. as joe says, its always a good thing getting ride of another OE part!
The hub:Clever, see!
having been quoted 55 quid for a wheel build by the snotty man in the new LBS, i thought stuff it, ill have a bash myself, with a little help from the Guru, Sheldon Browns guide to wheel building

having got it down to half a mm of wobble, which i think is pretty good for a first build from scratch, and accepting the fact that it will settle and loosen anyway as it beds in, I took it for a ride around South Derby region (Robins Wood?) and its still straight.
when i bother to SS the XtC, and am looking to put a ProIIsss on as a rear wheel, think ill have another go at this wheel building malarchy. :-)

thats trancex i have promising myself has turned into a straight Trance and a pair or RockShox Revelation forks, but still hasnt materialised..... yet


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