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Friday, November 09, 2007


Fed up of flipping pedals around each time i want to swap bikes, i thought i mite as well get the pedals Ive been eyeing up for months. Xpedo Mountain Force, which as basically SPD reps (so can use same shoes on both bikes, but these are cart bearings, and also are 300g a pair as apposed to 450g a pair.
also decided to get a seat clamp, as swapping that over kept scratching paint, and it saves on postage getting them in the same delivery, honest!
advantage i didn't foresee, is that both the wheels AND the seatclamp on the xtc are 4mm bolt up now, allowing me to carry my diddy ikea Allen-key only! awesome!
ALSO got 180mm disk for xtc at long last, an XT one as they were also on offer.
that's my spending done methinks, I'm feeling extravagant


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